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Turning the tide, how a small band of Allied sailors defeated the U-boats and won the Battle of the Atlantic, Ed Offley - (hardcover)

The United States experienced its most harrowing military disaster of World War II not in 1941 at Pearl Harbor but in the period from 1942 to 1943, in Atlantic coastal waters from Newfoundland to the Caribbean. Sinking merchant ships with impunity, German U-boats threatened the lifeline between the United States and Britain, very nearly denying the Allies their springboard onto the European continent--a loss that would have effectively cost the Allies the war. Here, military journalist Ed Offley tells how, during a twelve-week period in the spring of 1943, a handful of battle-hardened American, British, and Canadian sailors turned the tide in the Atlantic. Using extensive archival research and interviews with key survivors, Offley places the reader at the heart of the most decisive maritime battle of World War II.--From publisher description
Table Of Contents
Introduction : a fight in the dark -- A city at war -- The adversaries -- Movement to contact -- The U-boat -- The sighting -- The battle of St. Patrick's Day -- The crisis -- The allies fight back -- The first skirmishes -- The Melee at 55 North 42 West -- Battle in the fog -- Defeat
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
xxviii, 478 p., ill., 25 cm.

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